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Product: Oztec BP-50 Backpack Vibrator

Powerful, portable and reliable…Oztec gas power units, provide ultimate and immediate adaptability on the job. Utilizing rugged and dependable Honda gasoline engines, coupled to our "speed-up" transmission, vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000vpm...Even in the heaviest low slump concrete loads. (Tested in near 0 slump concrete). This 10,000 - 12,000vpm range is essential for high-quality concrete.

(Direct drive units "scream", have short lives and usually drop below 10,000vpm when the head is immersed in concrete).

Two powerful Backpack Models: 
Mounted on very comfortable frames, OZTEC backpacks BP-31 and BP-50 allow operators incredible maneuverability around the job. Run time with full tank approximately 1 hour plus.

BP-31 Runs heads up to 1 ˝" diameter. Honda 1 ˝ HP, 4 stroke, Weight 19lbs.

BP-50 Runs heads up to 2 ˝" diameter. Honda 2 ˝ HP,4 stroke, Weight 24lbs.

Product: Iskco BPX Backpack vibrator
Description: The all-new ISKCO BPX Series Backpack System features the only pendulous vibrator design in the industry. The shoulder mounted on/off switch and throttle control make operation simple, while vibrator removal and storage is easy with the quick disconnect system. Weighing only 34 lbs., the ISKCO BPX Series is ideal for your portable vibration needs!

Product: Iskco High Cycle Vibrators

The HBM-ZX Series has a heavy duty design, allowing it to work for all types of concrete application placements. The HBM-ZX can be made in custom lengths for basic or tall application placements. At , we know that sometimes the job requires radical thinking, and our HBM-ZX series can meet those demands!

    HBM-ZX Series Features  
  High quality motor design
  Low maintenance
  Sealed bearings
  Waterproof on/off switch
  50 ft. power cord
  Custom lengths available
  Custom hard shafts available
  Available in standard or twist-lock plug styles

Product: Iskco HAG 130 generator for HBM-ZX vibra
Description: The HAG Series Generators features a light-weight, brushless design that makes transportation easy and reduces maintenance. Equipped with overload protection and built in oil-alert system, the HAG Series is also available in standard and twist-lock plug styles.

Product: MBW Cure Sprayer

The BMS75 and BMS95 mix and spray water based curing and sealing compounds and form release agents for concrete applications. The BMS75 features a 7.5 gpm roller pump and will handle up to 25% solids efficiently. The BMS95 utilizes a 9.5 gpm diaphragm pump for handling heavier particulate loads to 35%.

Both sprayers are housed in an extra wide, heavy duty protective cage. The sprayers are easily locked to a 55 gallon drum or can be used in conjunction with the Easy Load Cart. No lifting is required... heavy 55 gallon drums are simply rolled onto the tilt bed of the Easy Load Cart and secured with a winch strap. The cart rolls on pneumatic tires and rubber castors for use on green concrete without damaging the slab.


  • Pressure Gauge (BMS75 only - standard on BMS95)
  • 9' Spray Wand
  • 25' Hose Assembly
  • 50' Hose Assembly
  • 100' Hose Assembly
  • Spray Tip Kit (2 each fine, medium and heavy tips)
  • Drum Kit

Product: The 'Real' Pump cure sprayer

The REAL PUMP is a full featured, easy-to-use power sprayer that can be positioned on top of any container you wish to dispense from.

The REAL PUMP is designed to replace the standard pump-up or gas-driver sprayers and will reduce the time needed for most spray-on applications, freeing labor for other tasks.

The REAL PUMPis available in either AC or DC power options that easily spray high solids and high viscosity products.

The REAL PUMP reduces contamination and spillage by dispensing products directly from their packaging. Simply insert the suction line, connect the battery clips (DC) or plug it in (AC), turn it on and you are ready to spray.

Product: Mi-T-M Pressure Washers
Description: Performance-proven engine with low-oil protection

- Belt driven triplex piston with ceramic plungers

- Thermal relief valve

- Stainless-steel and brass unloader mounted on base plate

- Forged brass manifold (nickel plated brass on CW-4004-3MV0)

- Two piece belt guard with 1/4 turn release for quick acces to belts

- Convenient hose wrap

- Dual rubber isolators

- Quick connection nozzles (0°, 15°, 25° and 40°) 

- 3/8 inch x 50 foot non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel, and bend restrictors

- Professional grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock-off

- 36-inch lance with rubber grip

Two (2) year limited parts and labor warranty.
Ten (10) year limited warranty on pump.

Product: Hummer - Hose Skid Assy.

The 'Hummer' holds your concrete pump hose at the connection fittings, so it will slid easily over your rebar 'mat' during a pour.

Product: Kleen Kote

KLEEN KOTE is a water based industrial release agent that is V.O.C. compliant. It helps prevent asphalt, concrete, dirt and other debris from sticking to treated equipment, forms, hand tools and trucks.

KLEEN KOTE is an innovative release agent that deposits a very thin film causing the surface to become virtually non-stick. KLEEN KOTE is environmentally safe and does not contain any solvents or phosphates.

1 gallon of pre-mixed KLEEN KOTE will cover approx. 2000 square feet, depending on the surface type. Spray on for best performance and ease of application.

Product: Allen Grinders
Description: The Razorback® Diamond Head Grinder is an aggressive grinding machine that will reduce concrete levels and leave a smooth surface. Because concrete grinding usually involves penetration into the aggregate, this grinder's heavy-duty design and high horsepower will finish jobs faster than any other grinder.

The 11HP Honda Powered unit is equipped with electric start and a light.

This unit uses a 10" diameter disc with 20 diamond segments and is ideal for grinding bumps or high spots on floors, as well as areas along construction joints that have curled. Its speed on these types of jobs is unsurpassed!

The Diamond Head Grinder also features a height adjustment device that prevents overcutting and a water hook-up to increase diamond disc life.

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