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Product: Ditchbank Slope Paving Rig

The Ditchbank Rig is state-of-the-art equipment system that employs an air winch to raise and lower a hydraulic single roller system on any slope. example: flood control channels, water rentintion basins, spillways, banks under freeway overpasses and even commecial concrete roofs. The versatile Ditchbank rig will screed slope panels up top 28' across and as steep as 65 degrees. The screed and rigging can be adapted to tapers, curves, inside and outside radius.

Call for a Demonstration on your special job.

Product: Hydraulic Roller Screed
Description: The Juda Roller tube rolls excess concrete in front of the tube, filling in open areas as it moves forward. The rolling tube assures a hard, durable concrete slab with less labor and more consistent grade than traditional hand screeding.

Product: Roller Screed Tube
  • Juda Roller Screeds are made of steel tubing with a 6" O.D. and .135 wall thickness.
  • Tubes are available in lengths from 8' to 30'. We stock all even sizes, custom sizes are special order.
  • Tubes are also available with 24" of sleeving on the ends to double the life of the tube and reduce any bending / flex on longer tubes.
  • Tubes can be filled with water for added weight.
  • Tubes weight approx. 9lbs. per linear foot.

Product: Overhead Roller Screed

The Overhead Roller Screed runs on screed rail pipe set above the concrete grade. This roller eliminates the groove normally left by sunken screed pipe.

The the Overhead Roller Screed dramatically reduces time and labor allowing you to get the job done quickly.

Product: Screed Chairs

These screed chairs fit over 1/2" rebar and hold 1 1/4" screed rail pipe for use with the roller screed. Recommended spacing is 69" for the 24' screed pipe. These chairs are available in 2" or 4" sizes and come in boxes of 100. 

Product: Screed Rail pipe

1 1/4" screed rail pipe, shown here with the Aztec chairs, is used to run your roller screed at grade and it comes in 24' lengths with and extension to allow you to connect several pipes end to end. Can be used in flat or slope pours. Screed rail pipe is usually used with 'pin caps' (see screed chairs) to hold it to grade.

See also 'Pipe puller' for sliding the screed pipe along your pour as you screed.

Product: Screed Pipe Puller

The Screed Pipe Puller slides over one end of your screed rail pipe and allows you to pull the pipe down your pour so you do not have to have several lengths of screed pipe. You set up all of your screed chairs and then as you screed you pull/slide the pipe down to the next set of chairs.

Product: Aztec Screed Chairs

The Aztec screed chairs are designed to hold screed rail pipe on metal, wood, and concrete decks. They can be fastened down using staples, nails or screws.

They are height adjustable with the use of schedule 40 3/4" PVC pipe (not included in the price) Chairs can be purchased assembled to your specified height  for an extra charge.

Product: Freeway Panel Stamp
  • Letters and Numbers can be quickly changed
  • Available in as little as One Week!

Includes 70 letters and numbers with 3 special characters

(Extra numbers or letters are available)

Product: Multiquip Super Screed

The Multiquip Hydraulic Super Screed is the most versatile screed for concrete contractors in the market today. The Super Screed can be adjusted to pour from 14' to 52' wide.

The Super Screed will greatly reduce your labor requirements, help produce flatter pours in less time.

This screed is the perfect fit for freeway panel replacement the powerful diesel engine powers through Rapid set concrete and allows you to quickly make multiple passes to get the best finish.  The Juda modification package which includes hydraulic jacks, extra lights and an optional retarder spray system is a perfect upgrade to the screed. Also availible is a super screed trailer that can haul 14', 16', and 18' screed sizes (see Super Screed trailer section)

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